Bubble Domes

The ultimate trend!

Step into the extraordinary with our Bubble Dome—an eye-catching centerpiece that will make your event truly stand out! This unique attraction is not just for kids; it’s perfect for teens, adults, baby showers, and corporate events alike. Inside, balloons are customized to match your theme pallet, and for an extra standout look, you can add a front garland.

Customized Elegance | Our Bubble Dome is more than an attraction; it’s a canvas for creativity. Customize the balloons inside to perfectly match your theme pallet, and add a front garland for a stand-out look that complements your event’s aesthetics.

Picture-Perfect Moments | Create a bubbly experience that guarantees the best pictures and endless fun. The Bubble Dome is a photo-friendly zone that adds a touch of magic to your event’s memories.

Attendant On-Site | Enjoy peace of mind with our on-site attendant, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and your guests have a delightful experience inside the Bubble Dome.

Versatile Celebration | Whether it’s a birthday party, a baby shower, a corporate event, or any gathering, the Bubble Dome adds a touch of elegance and fun that suits any occasion.

Book our Bubble Dome now and let the bubbly experience unfold at your event! It’s not just an attraction; it’s a statement that transforms any gathering into an unforgettable celebration of creativity and joy.

Bubble Dome with Balloons (colors based on your theme)

An attendant will always be on site!

Up to 4 hours of fun!

Additional Hour: $100

Custom Balloons (design & colors based on your theme): Starting at $400

Custom Personalization: Starting at $125

We do not set up on dirt, gravel, or uneven surfaces.

Absolutely NO FACE PAINT is allowed on our equipment.

Home deliveries range from $95-$275+

Building / Hotel / Elevator Deliveries start at $250+

Rental minimum requirement to travel north of Sunrise, FL or south of Homestead, FL.

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Don’t forget, the magic doesn’t end with our collections – you have the power to personalize them further! Make your mark by adding personal touches that resonate with your unique style. Plus, elevate the excitement by incorporating slides into your booking. Your event is a canvas, and we’re here to help you paint a picture-perfect celebration with personalized details and thrilling fun!