Why Baby Zone?

Our Process

stress-free celebrations for guaranteed smiles

Experience the freedom of play with Baby Zone Miami—the only free play zone for babies, toddlers, and kids available throughout your entire event. Unlike structured activities with fixed durations, we understand that not every child follows the same pace. That’s why we provide unlimited fun from start to finish, allowing them to enjoy on their terms.

Why Baby Zone Miami stands out:

Clean and Versatile | Our setups are not just entertaining; they’re spotless and adaptable to any space.

WOW Factor | We bring the wow factor, taking your event to the next level with an abundance of fun and excitement.

Personalization | Add a touch of your style with personalization; we seamlessly blend into your decor.

Widest Selection | Explore the widest inventory and ball colors in South Florida, ensuring a vibrant and visually appealing play zone.

Leading Cleaning Regime | With a leading cleaning regime, we prioritize hygiene for a safe play environment.

Run by Parents, for Parents | As a business run by parents, we understand your needs. We ensure a delightful and stress-free experience for everyone.

Fully licensed and insured, Baby Zone Miami is your trusted partner for creating magical, clean, and personalized play experiences for your little ones. Because we believe in making every event as special and unique as your child!

01 Getting Started

Welcome to Baby Zone Miami – your mobile soft playground delivered right to the comfort of your home or the venue of your choice! Say goodbye to limited and less-than-pleasant indoor playgrounds. With us, you’re in control of creating an event as big or as small as you’d like.

With Baby Zone Miami, the fun is mobile, flexible, and tailored to your needs. Let’s make your event a personalized and unforgettable experience, right at the location of your choice!

Choose Your Package | Select the package that suits your preferences and event size.

We Handle the Rest | Leave the hassle to us! We take care of everything from set-up to cleaning to breakdown.

No Venue Restriction | Don’t feel tied to specific venues. You choose the place, and we bring the fun right to you!

02 Custom Design

Let us elevate your playground experience with our personalized styling service. Designing and creating is our passion, and we understand that every event is unique and special.

With a dedicated in-house team and a commitment to stylish and remarkable celebrations, we’re here to turn your vision into a reality. Let’s make your playground a uniquely styled and unforgettable space!

Share Your Inspiration | Send us your invitation, inspiration picture, or vision board, and our in-house team will create a custom design for your approval.

In-House Production | Once approved, we handle the printing and installation ourselves.

Creating Personalized Memories | Our goal is to not only make the playground fun but also ensure it becomes a memorable experience.

03 Cleaning Process

At Baby Zone Miami, we take cleanliness seriously to ensure a safe and hygienic play experience.

Our commitment to cleanliness extends throughout the week with our meticulous cleaning process, ensuring that every event starts with a fresh and sanitized play environment. Your safety and the well-being of your little ones are our top priorities!

Color Sorting | Balls are first sorted by colors, allowing us to create custom color combinations for each unique event.

Medical-Grade Disinfection | We use medical-grade disinfectant inside our two professional ball-washing machines. Our Clean Zone Members work tirelessly from Monday to Friday, non-stop, disinfecting thousands of balls.

Individual Labeling | Clean balls are placed inside a large bag and individually labeled for each specific event, ensuring a personalized and sanitary play environment.

Post-Event Cleaning | After events, dirty ball bags are set aside, and the entire cleaning process starts anew on Monday.

Module Sanitization | All play modules are thoroughly sanitized before every event, guaranteeing a clean and safe play zone.

Bouncy Castle Deep Cleaning | Bouncy castles undergo a comprehensive cleaning process after every use. We dedicate Mondays and Tuesdays to open them up for a deep cleaning session, which can take up to 3-4 hours for each castle.

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