Crawler Zone


Introducing our exclusive Crawler Zone, the perfect haven for babies aged 2 and under! Specifically designed for those adorable explorers who are just beginning to crawl and take their first steps, this dedicated space ensures a secure environment, separate from the hustle and bustle of bigger kids.

Make your event truly baby-friendly by including our Crawler Zone. Book now and create a memorable and secure play experience for your youngest guests!

Measurements: 15’x9′

*This Zone can also be adapted to fit a 10’x10′ or 12’x9′ space.

Baby Ball Pit

Climber Cylinder with Sliding Ramp

White & Clear Balls (Disinfected)

Mini Building Blocks

Mini Obstacle Course

2 Animal Hoppers

1 Animal Rocker

Soft Foam Tile Flooring


Shoe Organizer

Up to 4 hours of fun!

Additional Hour: $100

Custom Personalization: Starting at $125

Ask us about adding a slide to your booking!

We do not set up on dirt, gravel, or uneven surfaces.

Absolutely NO FACE PAINT is allowed on our equipment.

Home deliveries range from $95-$275+

Building / Hotel / Elevator Deliveries start at $250+

Rental minimum requirement to travel north of Sunrise, FL or south of Homestead, FL.

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Don’t forget, the magic doesn’t end with our collections – you have the power to personalize them further! Make your mark by adding personal touches that resonate with your unique style. Plus, elevate the excitement by incorporating slides into your booking. Your event is a canvas, and we’re here to help you paint a picture-perfect celebration with personalized details and thrilling fun!